Have you ever had a cork board where you could pin things that are important to you? Such as recipes, pictures of cats, a postcard from a place you wish to visit, a magazine article with tips on a topic you’re interested in, memorable quotes, etc. There is a social network that emulates that good old cork board in your office or bedroom. It’s a place where you can have all the things you bookmark on your browser in one place, organized by categories (or boards) with nice looking thumbnails, and it also lets you connect with people who share your same interests. But how is this helpful to your business? Pinterest is an excellent way to lead traffic into your own website and therefore increase the odds of an engagement with your potential customers. Your board can also become the place to consult whenever someone is interested in a topic related to what you offer in your business and this is a great way to gain credibility and authority as a brand. You don’t even need to generate your own content! It is superb if you do, but all you really need to do is carefully select the information or images you wish to publish.

On Pinterest first impressions matter, so if you want to catch the eye of the consumer you need images that are attractive and relevant. It can be an infographic on how your business works or why is it useful, an inspirational quote with a trendy background that motivates your potential customers, to a carefully produced photograph of your product. Keep in mind that you need to post or generate content that can be displayed with an image. Here is a graphic guide on Pinterest image sizes to keep in mind.

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