Why Is Brand Identity So Important?

Let’s remember that time in your teenage years when you were obsessed with letting the world know who you were, and everything that was on your mind. That was your way of creating your own identity, to communicate to the world what you were all about and what they could expect of you. It was important because you needed to get to know yourself to prepare for the challenges that life would bring you. Now let’s move on to your business. Do your clients know what your company is and what it stands for? Do they know what to expect from your products or services? It is highly important that they do, and one of your main assets is your brand identity, as it is perceived as a promise to your client.

We live in a visual society and first impressions matter. For example, it takes up to 10 seconds for people to decide whether or not they will stay in a website, a time that is entirely influenced by what they see and what they can perceive from your brand. It does not matter if your product or service is superior to those of your competitors. If the user does not sense that your website belongs to a reliable, well-structured, professional company, they will keep browsing on Google and you will lose a valuable sale. But how do we achieve a compelling, straightforward, brand identity that will make your clients feel comfortable to choose you?

The first step is thinking of your brand as if it were a person. What kind of person would it be? Describe it. What do they do? What do they believe? What do they offer? What makes them different from competitors? And more importantly, how do you want the to be perceived? Once all these features are discovered, it is time to develop a concept that matches the personality of your brand.

Once you have developed a concept, there are many visual resources such as color and typography that are needed to come up with the appropriate brand identity for your company. But the key to successful brand identity is repetition and consistency. Using a group of visual elements on every stationary, website, ad, or social network gives a sense of a unified image and behavior. Your clients will know exactly what to expect and that will give them a sense of comfort. Let’s keep in mind that your clients will not be the only ones that will experience that sense of security from your brand, your employees will do as well. This will in turn strengthen their team spirit and therefore service will also improve and the better your service, the higher your sales.

A successful brand identity will truly blend all the effort, thoughts, practices, and emotions behind your company and will invite people to discover what you have to offer.